Greg Russell Photography: Blog en-us (C) Greg Russell (Greg Russell Photography) Sun, 09 Dec 2012 05:32:00 GMT Sun, 09 Dec 2012 05:32:00 GMT These are a few iPad Apps that I like and find useful each and every day. Here is a list of what Apps I think make a good starting point for a new iPad user. You've just gotten an iPad and now your asking, "now what do I do with this thing?" and "what Apps do you use on your iPad?". 

Pulse News
This makes viewing multiple web pages in a glance easy. Almost renders the use of Safari useless since I have Pulse News setup to display all of my most visited web pages. The reviews of this app are true.  It is excellent! It is my go to app for reading web content. I use this app more than Safari.
This is a great photo editing app that is easy and quick to use. 
YouTube used to be built into the iOS but not anymore.  One has to now download the YouTube app on their own. Works well and has a great interface.
If one has a Twitter a count this is the official app from Twitter.  Works well but there are others apps out there to access your Twitter account.
Handy app to have on your iPad/iPhone and a desktop/laptop. Many iOS applications have Dropbox support built into them now. With Dropbox installed on a desktop and on a iPad, with the same Dropbox user account, one can transfer a file to their Dropbox and it will then be accessible on the other machine. A very useful app.
This is more of a power user application. Can be used to view many file formats including windows documents. Also can be used to connect to file shares on a network,Droobox,, AFP, Samba (the list is long)and then transfer files between the iPad and the network share. It really is a handy app for the power user. Great for PDF's as well.
Pages (1 of 3 from the iWork suite)
Great word processing application made by Apple. Can export documents in PDF and Word format. Makes living in a Windows world easier when sending documents to a friend or colleague. There are also two other apps in the iWork suite, Keynote and Numbers. Keynote is the PowerPoint type application and Numbers is the Excel type application. In my view the most useful one would be the app Pages.
Of course one has to have a paying account with Netflix in order to use this application. Works well.
Nice app to get the movie listings in your area.
Just your basic calculator app. Since the iPad doesn't come with a calculator already installed this one will do.
Just like the board game but in electronic form. Fun game to have on an iPad.
TED (TED Talks)
Can stream all the TED Talk videos using this app.
Asphalt 7: Heat (my current go to racing game)
Excellent car racing game! Have played it a great deal so far and I have no complaints about as of yet.
This is most certainly not a complete list of Apps that are great and useful for the iPad. This is just a nice list of Apps to give someone when they ask me, "what Apps do you use on your iPad?". The above Apps are just the ones that I find useful and make use of every day on my iPad. 
Don't forget the best phrase to search the App Store with is "free" or "Lite". There are tons of apps in the App Store and many have free/Lite versions. So give the Free/Lite versions a try and you may end up buying the full version.
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Shooting Toronto Roller Roller Derby with remote flashes using Pocketwizard FlexTT5 and AC3. Hurlin' Wall

Currently using the FlexTT5 and AC3 from Pocketwizard in shooting Roller Derby.  Really simple setup, 2 flashes (SB-800 & SB-910) and 2 FlexTT5's on Lowel UN-55 light stands at full height (about 8').  The lights have to be as high as one can get them to keep the shadows under control.  The flash power was controlled manually with the AC3 unit and I adjusted as needed.  Next time around will be trying CTO gels on the flash heads in order to get a better balance between the ambient light and the flash.  The white balance of the flash needs to be a closer match to the ambient light.  


The use of remote flashes allows the images to be more dynamic and it also adds a whole new dimension to the final image.  Plus didn't have to deal with any redeye in any of the shots which is always a plus.  So far the FlexTT5's have worked quite well so will continue to use the same setup in future bouts.


Shooting roller derby is difficult to say the least.  The light is always bad and the limits of the camera gear are always being pushed.  Simply said it is shooting on the edge of a knife blade.  It either works well or it goes horribly wrong.  And as it always is when shooting action it is always good to remember "you get what you get".       




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